Caretaker and mother booked in killing of Terrytown man

Caretaker and mother booked in killing of Terrytown man
Denise (left) and Terrell Nix are charged in the death of a 45-year-old man that Terrell was in Terrell's care. (Source: JPSO)

GRETNA, La. (WVUE) - Two caretakers have been arrested in Jefferson Parish after the death of a 45-year-old Terrytown man.

The death, which happened Tuesday (May 14) was initially unclassified, but changed to a homicide following an autopsy of the victim.

Terrell Nix, 34, has been arrested for second degree murder and obstruction of justice, and his mother, Denise Nix, 53, has been arrested for obstruction of justice.

Terrell Nix was employed by his mother as a home health attendant for the victim at the time of the murder.

JPSO deputies were called around 2 a.m. to an apartment in the 200 block of Holmes Blvd. about the victim being found unresponsive, allegedly following a fall.

Both Terrell, the caretaker assigned at the time, and his mother were at the scene, where the victim was pronounced dead.

Following the autopsy, a search was conducted of the victim's residence. Deputies said they found evidence was found that there were multiple locations in the residence that contained either trace amounts of blood or evidence of areas where there were attempts to remove blood from surfaces.

Our investigation also revealed that Terrell Nix contacted his mother some time before either contacted the sheriff's office to report that the victim was experiencing any kind of medical emergency.

Based on the investigation, Terrell and Denise Nix were booked at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center. Denise Nix has since been released on bond.

“Our current concern is that since the Terrell and Denise Nix were involved in the home health care industry, there may have been previous incidents of abuse that have not been reported to authorities,” the sheriff’s office said in a press release.

Anyone with information on this incident or any prior abuse incidents involving Terrell or Denise Nix is asked to call the JPSO Homicide Section at 504-364-5300 or contact Crimestoppers.

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