TODAY: Man who shot ex-girlfriend in the FQ to appear in court

Alexander Kirby in court Friday

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The man accused of shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend in the French Quarter is set to appear in court today.

Alexander Kirby is booked with second degree murder charges after being arrested Thursday outside the Clover Grill.

Kirby was supposed to appear in court yesterday, but was not transported because of medical reasons.

However, the commissioner did find probable cause and set Kirby’s bond at $600,000.

According to court documents, Alexander Kirby went to Clover Grill around midnight with a gun.

That’s where he confronted the victim, Shay De St. Germain, and another victim in the courtyard.

The documents say Kirby did so “menacingly.”

They also describe surveillance video that shows Kirby getting into an argument with the other victim and that De St. Germain stepped in to intervene and that’s when the gun went off, hitting her in the face.

She later died from her injuries at the hospital.

While Kirby did try to run away, police quickly arrested him.

Patrons and neighbors in the French Quarter stopped by to create a memorial and pay their respects.

People who gathered outside the Clover Grill say they were shocked to find out it may have been Kirby who pulled the trigger. It was also said in court that Kirby had no prior convictions before this arrest.

Kirby is set to appear in court Friday for a notification hearing.

As of right now, a public defender is representing him, but he’s also scheduled for hearing to determine counsel next week.

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