Surveillance video shows grandmother violently carjacked in broad daylight

Surveillance video shows grandmother violently carjacked in broad daylight

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - A grandmother is recovering after she was carjacked Tuesday afternoon, in broad daylight. Police reports indicate the suspects demanded her keys and threatened to kill her before one of them attacked.

Seconds of terror caught on camera when a grandmother is savagely attacked in the middle of the afternoon.

According to initial police reports, it happened just before three o’clock, Tuesday afternoon. A 71-year-old woman was sitting on a stoop on the 1100 block of Kerelec Street near North Rampart.

A spokesperson with the Masonic Lodge says she’s a housekeeper there, a hardworking employee for the last four to five years.

In the video, you can see the woman smoking a cigarette and looking through her phone, when two young men approach. They walk past her then come back. From another surveillance camera, you can see one of the young men pulling a hood over his head before returning.

Initial NOPD reports indicate the suspect demanded the woman's keys and threatened her life before becoming aggressive. The video shows him slamming her face into the wrought iron fence before taking her keys and running towards her car. The hooded suspect then appears to hand off the keys before the pair jump into the car and drive off.

"It doesn't surprise me but it's a shame to hear," said nearby resident Denise Neighbors.

“Unfortunately, there are a lot of incidents like that around here,” said Seventh Ward resident Greg Molinario.

Residents in the area say crime there is consistent.

"I am scared for my girlfriend because there are a lot of safety issues, especially for young women. When there was a violent incident right outside my door that, luckily, I was able to intervene and stop, it was involving a young woman," Molinario explained.

Not far from the French Quarter, residents say their location makes them a target for criminal opportunists or trouble-making teens.

“I try to keep an eye out when I’m outside, looking around, what’s going on, but here are a lot of people who walk around here blindly because they don’t know,” said Neighbors.

“There are 20 Airbnb units within a block,” said Seventh Ward resident Diana McDermott. “We then become a target for people who think this is easier to hit than the tourists in the French Quarter.”

McDermott is a member of the neighborhood association and a mother of two. She says crime is one reason why you don't see kids playing together outside around here. But she and others are trying to change that.

"The neighborhood association is doing its best," McDermott said. "I think we're all going to have to think about a better way of dealing with these crime issues because it's only going to happen more."

The Masonic Lodge Spokesperson says it's unclear when the housekeeper will return to work. He says she has a broken orbital, a concussion and bleeding behind one eye.

New Orleans Police say they arrested a 15-year-old boy for armed robbery, Thursday, in connection with the carjacking.

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