Metairie mother goes after alleged car burglars after break-in

Metairie mother goes after alleged car burglars after break-in

JEFFERSON PARISH, La. (WVUE) - Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Deputies say masked suspects burglarized four cars off of West Esplanade Avenue overnight. One of the, belonged to a woman who says she got into her car and drove off after the teens after finding one in her driveway.

"She was going for it!" said Metairie resident and friend of the woman, Lauren Maenza.

"They were invading my space," says the victim.

A Metairie mother explains her reasoning for chasing after a trio of alleged car burglars.

"My husband yelled at me for that," the woman said with a laugh.

"I can see where you would do it just out of frustration," her neighbor said.

And this woman was. She says she awoke just after 3:30 a.m. Friday morning to the sound of her dog barking.

"Like a distinctive bark where you're like, 'someone's in the front yard,'" the woman described.

The homeowner went outside to find a figure heading from her driveway to the car next door, tugging at the handle. The woman called for her husband who yelled at him.

"Two guys sprinted down the street. Then, maybe two minutes later, they start walking back up. I have my camera out to try to record them and he must have seen us," recalled the woman.

She says the alleged burglars took off again, this time, headed for a car.

"So, I jumped in my car and tried to go after them to try to get a license plate," the woman said.

The Metairie resident lost the car soon after and was unable to jot down the number.

"This has happened a couple of times on our block and I'm usually very good about locking my car," she said.

This time, she didn't. In fact, Jefferson Parish Sheriff's deputies say none of the four cars burglarized overnight on Antonini and Young were locked.

Yet, residents we spoke to say they were puzzled. The suspects took nothing of value.

"They, excuse me, but they were idiots because my husband had my backpack and his laptop in his car. They didn't take anything. Had my wallet with four credit cards," said the woman.

"We had a bunch of valuable things so, I don't know exactly what they're looking for," said Maenza.

Even so, they say the break-ins are troubling.

“It definitely feels like a violation when you feel like you can’t even be sleeping in your house and not feel like somebody is lurking around outside,” a neighbor said.

Maenza agrees.

"You do have a sense of unease being that they're just rummaging while we are inside sleeping," said Maenza.

None say they'd be as bold as this woman.

"It's best to just, let it go...They can have the car," her neighbor said.

"I would stay inside. She was not playing around!" said Maenza.

The victim says, "I think we're going to definitely look into some security cameras."

Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Deputies encourage people to pay attention to their surroundings, but when it comes it a crime in progress, they say call 911 and let the professionals handle it.

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