’Aggressive’ squirrel addicted to cheese-flavored snacks at Seattle park

Cheese-loving squirrel frequents Seattle’s Discovery Park

SEATTLE (Gray News) - A squirrel with a taste for cheesy snacks has been frequenting a Seattle park.

Crackers, Cheetos, chips – if it’s cheese-flavored, the squirrel will go after it.

Kevin, the female squirrel with a bunch of male names like Geoffery and Sammy for some reason, has become a hot topic in a neighborhood parents group on Facebook, KUOW reported.

A lot of Discovery Park’s visitors don’t mind her or her appetite. They occasionally bring snacks just for Kevin.

Lauren Simpson, a member of the Facebook group, said she and her daughter went to the park and the little girl chased Kevin. The 3-year-old even picked her up.

“As soon as Kevin was back on the ground," Simpson said, "it was like nothing had happened. Kevin just stood there unfazed.”

Even so, she’s notoriously aggressive sometimes. Park-goers said she'll go through zippers, tear through backpacks, strollers and climb into the stroller.

She’s become a nuisance for people who just want to enjoy the outdoors, even giving children nightmares.

“It’s a little annoying for parents,” Julia Wright told local media. “My son is apprehensive about coming to the park – ‘Mom, I don’t want to see the squirrel. We shouldn’t bring snacks to the park.’”

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