2 Krewes hope to bring tourism dollars to the city with summer parades

2 Mardi Gras krewes expand parades for Summer

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Two Carnival krewes hope their summertime events will attract more people to New Orleans in the sweltering summer heat, which usually keeps tourists away from the city.

Both Krewe of Nyx and Krewe of Freret are planning on sprucing up a slow time of the year in New Orleans. Nyx announced it will roll in its first summer parade in July, while Freret’s captain said their Summer Strut is growing every year.

Lisa Cuiffi with the Mystic Krewe of Nyx said their participants can’t wait for the new parade.

“We weren’t sure of the feedback that we would have, but our riders took it and they fell in love with the idea when we presented it to them. And they’re just super excited to get together and do it all over again," Cuiffi said.

Bobby Hjortsberg is the Captain of the Krewe of Freret.

“We have a lot of out of town members who actually do come in for this event,” Hjortsberg said.

The sleepiness that falls over New Orleans inspired the Krewe of Nyx to start a summer parade to help out during a slow time of the year, Cuiffi said.

“We’re trying to help the city with tourism," She said. "You know, the summer’s a good time for tourists to come to new orleans and visit our city, so we thought we wanted to celebrate the season of summer,” Cuiffi said.

The krewe will switch out their extravagant purse throws to match the season.

"This parade, our signature throw will be beach shovels. We're doing glittered beach shovels. So that'll be our little token for this parade. and we also have the little rubber duckies," Cuiffi said.

This year will be the Krewe of Freret's fourth summer strut, but organizers said it's an event that's expanded over the years.

"The event does keep getting bigger, the concert gets bigger. As the krewe continues to grow, you know, it gives us more opportunity to do more events like this," Hjortsberg said.

Now, people will only have to wait a few months to get a taste of Carnival.

"It's just an opportunity for us to have something else for the members to do, and keep people interested in Mardi Gras throughout the whole year," Hjortsberg said.

Although some details still need to be ironed out Cuiffi said the city is working with Nxy to make their summertime Carnival dream a reality.

"We're working with the city to try to get a lot of things finalized so this can happen, and be a good thing, a positive thing for the city," Cuiffi said.

The Summer Strut will roll at the end of June, while the Krewe of Nyx will roll in July.

The parade will include 16 floats and more than 300 riders.

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