House committee approves governor’s version of K-12 formula

House committee approves governor’s version of K-12 formula
(Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - On Thursday, May 30, the House’s education committee approved Louisiana’s k-12 operating formula, which includes $1,000 raises for teachers and a $39 million bump for school districts.

It mirrors the state school board’s proposal supported by Governor John Bel Edwards. The committee previously rejected the formula, hoping the school board would return a formula that mirrored the House’s eventual budget proposal.

But with a week left in the regular session, the clock is ticking to get bills passed. If a new k-12 formula is not adopted by final adjournment, teacher pay raises, regardless of the amount, would become one-time stipends.

The Republican-controlled House wanted to give teachers a higher raise of $1,200, but did not allocate any additional money to local school districts. They argued teachers should be given higher raises because their salaries fall below the regional average, while school districts are funded at around the regional average.

Their budget proposal mirrors that desire. The Senate amended the bill to reflect the governor’s $1,000 raises and $40 million school bump.

Lawmakers will work through the weekend to align the state’s operating budget with the k-12 formula. This will be the most contentious debate throughout the final week of session, which ends June 6.

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