Mayor Cantrell cancels Krewe of Nyx’ summer parade

Mayor Cantrell cancels Krewe of Nyx’ summer parade
(Source: Krewe of Nyx)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Weeks after the Krewe of Nyx announced their plan to hold their first-ever summertime parade, Mayor Latoya Cantrell canceled the festivities.

In a news release Monday night (June 3), Cantrell voiced her fondness and support for the all-female Mardi Gras group but said she could not support the July parade, citing safety concerns.

“While I have the utmost respect for what Nyx has achieved as an all-women’s Carnival krewe, and I applaud them for their commitment to our children and our community —unfortunately I cannot support the addition of a summer parade,” Cantrell’s statement read. “Their proposed second parade places demands on our public safety resources in the middle of hurricane season, and it is not something our NOPD leadership is comfortable with. Their request has been denied, and the event will not proceed.”

Just last week, Nyx member Lisa Cuiffi spoke to FOX 8 about how the krewe hoped the parade -- which was scheduled to roll in July -- would bring tourism dollars to the city during the notoriously slow summer months.

Nyx Captain Julie Lea released a statement saying, “While we strongly disagree with Mayor Cantrell’s decision to reject our permit request to stage a summer parade, we respectfully accept it. We had no intention of straining the city’s public safety resources and understood that the costs of city services were up to us. We chose a weekend where no other events were occurring in town, to purposely not tax city resources unnecessarily. Our members were excited about parading during the summer and we had already heard from several groups who planned to visit the city because of the parade. We thought this event would be a great thing for summer tourism and the City of New Orleans in general. I can’t adequately explain my disappointment, but like strong women do, we stand up again and again. Nyx will always strive to break glass ceilings and do big things for the city we love. Our commitment to New Orleans remains steadfast.”

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