Veggie products face new labeling restrictions in Louisiana

Veggie products face new labeling restrictions in Louisiana
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BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Bye-bye, cauliflower rice. Farewell, veggie sausage. See you later, chicken-free strips.

Louisiana lawmakers have agreed to labeling restrictions that will keep veggie products from being called meat, non-rice products from being described as rice and sugar alternatives from being marketed as sugar.

Supporters say they're making sure consumers know what they're buying and protecting farmers who have spent millions to brand their products. Opponents say the change will limit veggie product availability in Louisiana.

A 31-7 Senate vote Tuesday gave final passage to the bill by Democratic Sen. Francis Thompson. Gov. John Bel Edwards hasn't said whether he'll agree to the new restrictions, which would take effect in October 2020.

A similar bill involving the labeling of milk products also awaits a decision from Edwards.


Senate Bill 152:

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