Thieves smash several car windows in New Orleans East

New Orleans East car windows smashed, vehicles burglarized

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - “They skipped a couple of cars, and they went down and broke into other people’s cars,” says John Hoard.

Hoard says he got lucky early Wednesday morning when thieves committed smash and grab crimes in the Kingswood neighborhood but skipped his vehicle.

“I know they broke into several cars in the neighborhood,” says Hoard.

Windows were busted out of vehicle after vehicle in the 7200 block of Queensway Drive.

“It was hurtful to know that I come to visit my family and overnight I lost several things,” says Paul Brown.

Paul Brown lives in Atlanta and was in town visiting his grandmother.

For Brown, it wasn’t just a broken window. He says his car was trashed and two laptops, expensive jewelry and even his wedding ring was stolen.

“You stole my wedding band and jewelry. It’s material things, but at the same time it’s my welcome back home,” says Brown.

He says the thieves showed no restraint.

“It just looked like they trashed the car and even went through the baby bag. It’s like the baby bag, come on man,” say Brown.

According to online city data, vehicle burglaries are up more than a hundred percent.

In the Littlewoods area, police investigated more than 350 incidents so far this year, compared to 188 during the same time period last year.

“They’re telling me to keep your doors unlocked, so they just go in instead of breaking your window. I’m like wow, it got that bad. I’ve got to keep my car unlocked. No, we just need justice,” says Brown.

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