FOX 8 Overtime Podcast #23: Newman HS Coach Nelson Stewart

FOX 8 Overtime Podcast #23: Newman HS Coach Nelson Stewart
Newman High football coach on the FOX 8 Overtime Podcast (FOX 8)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Each Friday of June and July, FOX 8 is sitting down with a local high school football coach to preview the season and get to know them beyond the bright lights of high school football games. The coaches will also discuss the future of some of their top recruits.

Nelson Stewart on managing emotions after big wins:

“We got on the bus and the kids were all excited. Apparently it was Voodoo or one of those festivals, I didn’t know and they were kind of asking...and I was like ‘hey, we have weights tomorrow at 7 o’clock’ and they looked at me like it was a punishment but you just have to develop that mindset of moving on. I think there’s nothing greater on a Friday than a big win at your alma mater, our support is great but as coaches, you just have to 'pick them up when they’re down, but also when they’re high, keep 'em grounded.”

Stewart on the spotlight his quarterback battle between Beau Adams and Arch Manning is drawing:

“We have two quarterbacks in Beau Adams and Arch Manning coming through but our thing when it comes to young quarterbacks is, really, there is no offer to give. These kids are 14 years old coming through. I can’t say ‘don’t evaluate’ but they’re only freshman. We want to let our freshmen be freshmen. Hey, if they’re able to play at the varsity level but I think, for us, it’s turning the volume down and really letting them learn and develop as players.”

FOX 8 Football Friday starts with the regular season on September 6th.

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