Gert Town homeowners worry about sinkhole growing for a month

Gert Town homeowners worry about sinkhole growing for a month

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Residents on one Gert Town street have been trying to get the Sewerage and Water Board to address a hole that’s been growing in front of their home since Mother’s Day.

On Tuesday (May 11), just shy of a month later, Joseph Caldwell removed metal siding lying on the ground in the 3200 block of Bloomingdale to reveal what he and his wife, Glendell, are calling a sinkhole.

“Actually, at first I thought it was some animal,” Glendell Caldwell said. “You know, you didn’t know what to think.”

When the couple first noticed the hole, they said they immediately called the Sewerage and Water Board.

“They said they was going to send somebody out that night,” Glendell said.

The next day, she followed up, and said they told her again that they were sending someone -- but Glendell said they never came.

“They didn’t send anybody," she said.

Glendell said she then called for a third time, which is when the Sewerage and Water Board told her to call 311 instead.

“They said they were going to send somebody out and they gave me the claim number," Glendell said.

Just in case, she hung onto that claim number and made notes each time she called.

“I wanted to make sure that we have everything that they needed so they could get started hopefully,” Caldwell said.

Since they first called SWB, Caldwell said the hole has grown.

“It’s just getting larger and larger," she said. “So -- as it rains, we’re in Hurricane season -- and then it starts to really rain, and what are we going to have then? I mean, the water is going to fill up in this hole and get larger.”

Glendell said she’s been going through the proper procedures with no luck finding a solution.

“That’s all I knew to do, and after this it seemed like they weren’t doing anything," Glendell said. “I mean this is awful.”

A spokesman for the city said they are “aware of this situation,” and working on assessing the necessary repairs.

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