Sucré closes down after 13 years in New Orleans

Sucre' Shuts Its Doors

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Sucré, a bakery known for its macaroons, chocolates and other treats is closing its doors after 13 years of business.

Sucré’s Board of Managers issued a brief statement Monday thanking its customers for its patronage.

“Over the past year, our executive team has operated in a responsible manner and has attempted to bring the company to financial profitability,” the release said. “It is with profound sadness that we must notify you that we are closing effective Monday, June 17, 2019.”

The Sucré board of managers say they will be “forever grateful” for customer support.

The closings include three stores and a restaurant.

On its website, Sucré says it “will work diligently to return payment for any order that has been placed on our website within the last 72 hours. These orders will not be processed and all funds will be returned to purchaser.”

Ashley McMillan was Sucré’s Executive Pastry Chef. She says the famous New Orleans desert shop was part of her forever plan.

“We had a super talented team in the kitchen, everyone was dedicated to what they were doing, management was going in the right direction, we were trying to make sure this was a profitable company that could withstand forever, my forever plan was to be here," said McMillan.

But McMillan along with 85 other employees were devastated to learn Monday that Sucré is permanently closing all three of its locations effective immediately.

“We didn’t get any reason as to why they would be closing just that they were closing,” said McMillan. “It is sudden to come in to work in the morning and know that at the end of that day you’re done.”

Customers like Celeste Peiffer were shocked to hear the news.

“I have colleagues all over the United States, that was my standing Christmas present for my friends around the country, was a box of macaroons for Christmas. I hope they at least put the recipe into public domain or sell it to another bakery,” said Peiffer.

As for McMillan, her thoughts are with her fellow employees.

“There are 86 people looking for jobs, if you have spots open for them any of them would be great in your establishments. So, know that it was a privilege to work for Sucre and that I couldn’t be prouder.”

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