Ballistic evidence crucial in accused shooter case

Ballistic evidence crucial in accused shooter case

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Ballistic evidence from the June 18 scene of a double murder in Metairie became crucial in the investigation against accused shooter Sean Barrette.

“Usually within an hour, we can give them some information such as how many guns are fired on a scene, what type of weapon and we also rush to put it in a data base to link the crimes together,” says Deputy Jene’ Rauch, M.S.

Deputy Rauch says post certified scientists, who are also police officers, respond to scenes, bringing back forensic evidence to the Jefferson Parish Crime Lab.

“So, we have access to the building 24/7 and we’re here in the middle of the night working cases, so we don’t have a backlog. We can get that information out as quickly as possible,” says Deputy Rauch.

Sheriff Joe Lopinto says the ballistic information collected on June 18 linked Barrette to the murder of a 22-year-old man in Metairie and a shooting incident on I-10 near Oaklawn, both on June 17.

“We do have a lot of crossovers with other agencies, so the case that we just had, we had links to Kenner and New Orleans,” says Deputy Rauch.

New Orleans Police say Barrette is now a person of interest from a June 5 incident involving the illegal discharge of a weapon in the 6500 block of Hayne Boulevard in New Orleans East.

Also on June 5, police say Barrette attempted to kill two people in Kenner that he followed for miles and then shot at their vehicle several times.

“They exited at Loyola and they noticed the vehicle was still behind them. Just before they turned onto Loyola, the vehicle pulled up alongside of them and shot several times at them,” says Lt. Michael Cunningham.

Investigators later collected ballistic evidence from the scene.

“We did a ballistic comparison. We got a match on that from the same gun that the sheriff’s office obtained from Sean Barrette on their investigation,” says Lt. Cunningham.

The day after the Kenner shooting, in June 6, the NOPD investigated the murder of man near Hayne Boulevard and Marquis Street.

Barrette is a person of interest in that case too.

Barrette’s family issued a statement. It states, “To the families and friends who have been devastated by this senseless tragedy, we are so deeply sorry for your loss. We mourn for you and the beautiful lives taken. We understand there are no words that can ease or take away your pain. We only hope you can one day find peace. We ask everyone to keep all the families who have been devastated in your prayers.”

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