NOFD Attempts Kitten Rescue Under CCC

NOFD Attempts Kitten Rescue Under CCC

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - New Orleans firefighters blocked off Mardi Gras Boulevard for 45 minutes Wedensday afternoon, as they tried to save a stray kitten, 60 feet up in the air in the concrete girders beneath the Crescent City Connection.

The kitten was spotted around 1 pm meowing loudly. Firefighter Dana Harris got on a ladder truck which was extended to the girders beneath the bridge, but the cat evaded multiple efforts to capture it. Firefighters even used hoses to try and coax it into the net. with a spray of water. Eventually the SPCA baited a trap which was placed on a girder underneath the bridge.

"If the kitten doesn't go in it right away, we will set it overnight, and check the trap," said Beth Renfro, with the La SPCA.

New Orleans firefighter Harris, wearing full gear in the 90 degree heat, tried in vain to catch the evasive kitten.

" No I havden't tocuhed it was a few inches away...but I haven't touched it yet," said Harris.

SPCA officials say it is not uncommon to find kittens under the bridge. They say they often go into cars at night and then escape once the cars start to cross the bridge and get caught in traffic. SPCA workers say they will keep us posted on whether the cat is captured.

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