Wildlife control expert: Irish Channel coyotes ‘terribly dangerous,' should be euthanized

Wildlife control expert: Irish Channel coyotes ‘terribly dangerous,' should be euthanized

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Coyotes are running loose in the Irish Channel and one nuisance wildlife control operator says he’s been contacted by neighbors to deal with the issue.

If hired, Terry Friedman said he would be required to euthanize the animals.

Friedman is licensed with the State Department of Wildlife and Fisheries as a nuisance wildlife control operator and said he got five calls from neighbors who are concerned about the coyotes Tuesday morning (June 25).

“They want them gone from the neighborhood,” Friedman said.

The day before, a FOX 8 camera captured video of one of the coyotes after a news team spotted him in the middle of the day in a lot on Washington Avenue. And, just last week, surveillance video taken less than a block away captured footage of a black coyote attacking a 14-year-old rescue Yorkie named Pump.

Pump manged to get away and wasn’t hurt, his owners said.

While some neighbors believe the coyotes should be left alone, others have serious concerns.

“I would prefer them to be gone,” Julianna Maricelli, an Irish Channel resident, said.

Friedman said he went out to the neighborhood Tuesday to check things out.

“I spotted a black coyote, a female coyote and three or four pups,” Friedman said. “[They’re] very dangerous, they can bite people, it’s possible they can have rabies, they attack the pets as the video showed.”

According to the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, any licensed nuisance wildlife control operator who is hired to take on coyotes is required to euthanize them. And, it’s up to that licensed operator to verify that they are legally allowed to discharge a firearm in their area.

However, the state says in urban and suburban areas, hazing is the most effective way to deal with coyotes as most do not allow firearms to be discharged. Hazing is when you make noise, stomp your feet, make yourself look big by waving your arms, or even throwing any items you might have on you at the animal. But, Friedman said he believes these coyotes in the Irish Channel should be euthanized.

“There are kids in the neighborhood, these things are terribly dangerous,” said Friedman. “Ultimately, they’ve got to be shot.”

Wildlife and Fisheries say trapping is usually not effective for coyotes as they’re “trap smart” and won’t enter them.

Friedman said he hasn’t yet been hired by neighbors and won’t take any action until he’s commissioned to for the job.

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