Bins of radioactive waste removed from Gert Town

Bins of Radioactive Material Removed

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Crews started removing bins of radioactive material from a Gert Town neighborhood Friday morning.

This as sewerage and water board employees join a federal class action lawsuit against the City of New Orleans over the matter.

Those bins with radioactive material inside have been sitting outside homes on Lowerline and Coolidge for weeks now.

The material inside the bins was removed from under the road’s surface in May, years after the city says it was first notified about the radiation-producing material.

The city has said it was first discovered back in 2013, after performing sweeps to prepare for the Super Bowl that year.

Now more than 200 people have signed on to the federal class action lawsuit against the city and the remediation company that did the work for damages.

The attorney representing the plaintiffs says the sewerage and water board employees complaints are similar to neighbors – they have concerns about their health.

"They gave them a road work notice on May 18, 2019. This is not just road work this is an environmental remediation of radioactive waste to tell people that they were performing road work is disingenuous,” said Gert Town resident Suzzette Bagnaris. “This did not occur, this removal of these containers did not occur until the attorneys for this community contacted the EPA hotline, the LDEQ hotline, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission hotline, and the U.S. Coast Guard to get this removed.”

Requests for comments from the city about this issue have not been answered because they said there is pending litigation.

A spokesperson for the sewerage and water board says they were not aware of the presence of radiation and could not confirm when they were notified of when they were alerted of the radiation road work.

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