Family of hit-and-run victim seeks answers in his death

Family of hit-and-run victim seeks answers in his death

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - It’s been more than two weeks since a driver hit and killed a 28-year-old Gramercy man. State Police is still looking for the vehicle involved but troopers say, so far, they’re no closer to the truth.

"There are a lot of unanswered questions we want answered," said Preston Johnson.

Family members of Dexton Brown met Fox 8 in Garyville, along Airline Highway, at the last place the 28-year-old Gramercy man was seen alive.

"He was here at this truck stop, the Monte Carlo, somewhere around 2 o'clock and then he left here going southbound," Johnson explained.

Johnson and his mom Patricia are Brown's cousin and aunt. Known to his family and friends as D-Brown, the two say he was loving and fun. They say he was a man who put his family first and grew up spending time with his cousins, playing video games and goofing off.

"He liked to clown a lot," recalled Johnson. "Anytime he was around, it was just a fun loving, clowning affair. So, that was his spirit and those were some of the best memories I could have of him, just always like a class clown."

Memories are all Johnson has left. He says D-Brown left the home he shared with his mother in Gramercy at around 10:30 p.m., June 11. After he was spotted at the gas station in Garyville at 2 a.m., no reports seeing the man again until he was discovered dead at nearly 5 a.m.

"The timing of not everything is just not adding up. From the time he left home to the time he was hit, from the phone call that he has from his mother. Folks were already post posting on Facebook, 'Rest in Peace', and his mom had no idea what had happened," explained Patricia.

At this point, these two say they're considering foul play.

"It's possible. These days, you can't really rule that out. We just don't know," said Preston.

While Louisiana State Troopers say they don't believe Brown's death was intentional, they say this is still an open investigation and, so far, they've received absolutely zero tips from the public.

Yet, Brown's family is convinced someone saw something.

"We need some people to start talking about it. Pretty much, we don't want this to be washed under a bridge as just somebody that got hit on Airline," Preston said.

Troopers say they’re still awaiting Brown’s toxicology results. They say it could be another few weeks before it’s in.

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