NOPD: At least a dozen vehicles vandalized in Lakeview

NOPD: At least a dozen vehicles vandalized in Lakeview

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - At least a dozen cars’ windows were smashed in Lakeview Monday (July 1), in what the New Orleans Police Department is calling a"string" of burglaries.

The vandalism happened between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. on several streets in the neighborhood, according to NOPD.

Those streets include Milne Boulevard, Filmore Street, Colbert Street, French Street and Canal Boulevard.

Police say they don’t believe anything of great value was stolen, a fact that one victim said is no coincidence.

“We’ve been hit so many times in this neighborhood, there is nothing of value left in the vehicles overnight. Everyone brings their electronics inside, everyone locks their car doors, everyone brings their firearms inside. It’s kind of pointless at this point, there’s nothing left of value in these vehicles to take,” the victim said.

Even so, residents who awoke to find their vehicles damaged and are now hustling to make repairs -- a task no one wants to undertake.

“Now I have to delay all the work plans to repair vehicle windows, stand out here wait in the heat for NOPD,” one victim said.

And while residents said they’re hopeful something can be done to prevent these types of crimes, they said they don’t expect anything to change until different approaches are taken.

“We ask that the mayor fulfills her promise of forming a task force to address these issues and we ask that chief Ferguson team up with the mayor to address these summertime issues,” a victim said. “It seems like every summer it’s juveniles out of school, and we ask that they stop getting a slap on the wrist and start having to pay for their crimes.”

For now, Lakeview residents said they are just dealing with the headache, all the while thinking it could happen again -- a broken window, all over what amounts to most, just a handful of change.

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