FOX 8 Overtime Podcast #37 - Fantasy Football Preview: New Faces in New Places

FOX 8 Overtime Podcast #37 - Fantasy Football Preview: New Faces in New Places

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The first Sunday of the NFL regular season is just two months away and it’s time to start contemplating what impact players changing teams will have on fantasy football. Chris Hagan gets your preparation started with the latest episode of the FOX 8 Overtime Podcast.

On Latavius Murray’s role in the Saints offense:

“I like Murray a lot. Red Zone eater. He is a guy that I think fills in very well for what Mark Ingram did. And, to Mark Ingram’s credit, his lack of production, I guess you could call it, last season, wasn’t on him. That Saints’ offense leaned on Alvin Kamara so much, especially when teams threw extra coverage at Michael Thomas that you had to have a pass catching back, one that created match up problems on the field more times than not. That is why Kamara was such a big focal point. Getting back to Murray, I think if the Saints work those issues out then Murray is an effective back. I still also think Kamara is the top dog, but when we are talking Red Zone touches and talking if the Saints can do what they want to do a little bit more which I think is more along the lines of what they did in 2017 and that’s just pound people on the ground, Murray has got a big upside.”

On Odell Beckham, Jr. being traded from the Giants to the Browns:

"Even though there are a lot of playmakers on this offense, and you’ve got a guy like Jarvis Landry who can be a volume pass catcher as well. Odell is the big play guy and there is no doubt about it. This is still the one guy on the team that I think is going to turn slants into touchdowns and be able to do a lot of things in the open field. And his claim to command the ball as an 18 million dollar wide receiver. So, I like Odell a lot. I think he’s still in that eighth, ninth, tenth overall pick range. "

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