Heat causes road to buckle in Kenner

Heat causes road to buckle in Kenner

KENNER, La. (WVUE) - High temperatures are taking their toll on the New Orleans metro area, a fact that is especially noticeable in Kenner, where a part of the road on Bertolino Drive buckled Sunday (July 7).

Kenner Mayor Ben Zahn said the heat is reaching levels that are difficult to handle, both for people and infrastructure.

“It’s the heat," Zahn said. “People are experiencing it in their homes too, that it just can’t get cool. When it gets to that kind of degree, concrete is going to buckle.”

And, Zahn said they’re expecting to see more of it.

“I suspect we will have a lot more, especially this month through August. This has always been a problem," Zahn said. “We will continue to break it up, repair it as quickly as we can. Just be patient with us.”

The road has since been patched and the Mayor said that was thanks to the quick response of Kenner public works.

“Our main message is we’re going to make the repairs as quickly as we can and we’re going to respond as quickly as we can. I think it says a lot that Kenner Public Works, all the men and ladies, our director, everyone who works for that department was out there on a Sunday within 45 minutes," Zahn said. “That’s a quick response time."

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