Grand Isle prepares for TS Barry as mayor orders evacuations

Grand Isle evacuations ordered

GRAND ISLE, La. (WVUE) -Gusty winds and periodic drizzle peppered Grand Isle much of Thursday as the Mayor David Camardelle issued a mandatory evacuation order. But many island resident say they’re staying put.

Tropical Storm Barry hasn’t arrived yet, but pumps have been busy pumping down as much as 8 inches of rain that was dumped on the island yesterday.

The water is being pumped out into Barataria Bay past shrimp boats docked for the possible storm as the sky darkens.

Town officials are taking all precautions.

“If it was voluntary, people that come in and check on their stuff and get things out, but this morning I made it mandatory. It’s made a shift to the east,” said Camardelle.

Past experiences were enough to make many people heed the mayor’s called to get off the island.

“Everybody else is leaving that’s all I need to see,”said resident Grady Alleman as he packed his truck.

But many others said with the current forecast they believe it’s safe to stay.

"We stay because this is our home and we have too many things to lose,” said Randy Smith.

We are not going to force people off the island. But we are gonna let them know they’re taking a chance," said Camardelle.

Grand isle has five permanent pumps and they’ve brought in six temporary pumps.

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