Residents work to clean cars, homes, businesses after storm flooding

Residents work to clean cars, homes, businesses after storm flooding

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - People were awakened by alarms Wednesday morning (July 10) and said they were surprised to hear such strong storms out their doors. But once the storms passed, the reality of damage and cleanup work settled in.

The Tasting Room on Magazine Street hasn’t even served its first customer yet, but they’re already cleaning up after mother nature, according to co-owner Juleigh Jones.

“There was almost like a foot of water still inside that pooled up to the back of the restaurant,” Jones said.

Jones started mopping, shop vac-ing and drying out appliances as soon as the storm passed. While heavy rains flooded the area, Jones said much of the water seemed to come into her business from rushing cars creating wakes.

“I already cried twice in the car this morning,” she said.

She said running a business is work, but now they have no other option than dry out as soon as possible.

“You have to get in there, clean it up and get ready to go,” Jones said.

While Jones was busy drying out her business, others walked outside after the rain let up, anxious to see if their cars would start up or if the needed to call for a tow.

Uptown resident Don Van Patten said he was one of the lucky ones.

“We started it, it was rough starting it, but it did start and lots of sputtering,” Van Patten said.

Even though the car started up, Van Patten said he still has a lot of cleaning up to do. By the time he got to his little sports car, water had filled the cabin halfway.

“It’s disappointing, and the good thing is it wasn’t running, so you hope the damage is minimal,” he said.

And for those fortunate not to have to worry about cleanup, there were plenty of visible reminds of how strong the passing storm was -- including a massive live oak tree that fell along St. Charles Avenue. For longtime residents like Jamey Roddy, the loss of the tree is painful.

“It’s a beautiful old oak tree and I’ve passed it many times in my life," Roddy said. “I’m sorry to see its now fallen over.

As of Wednesday night, there was no official word on what cause the tree to topple, but some residents in the area said they think it fell sometime in the noon hour.

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