Terrebonne Parish closes Bubba Dove floodgate ahead of TS Barry

Terrebonne Parish prepares for TS Barry

DULAC, La. (WVUE) -Terrebonne Parish officials are taking steps ahead of Tropical Storm Barry.

The Bubba Dove flood gate is expected to close Thursday evening. It’s the biggest floodgate in the parish and sits in the Houma Navigation Canal. Terrebonne Parish President Gordon Dove says all 194 pumps should be operational now.

Dove says they also have 90 pump stations that are all working with back up generators.

The parish has 13 floodgates, ten of which are closed and Dove says the remaining three will close Thursday evening. Dove says they’re working on temporary levees made of crushed limestone and mud to connect to the floodgate. The levees will be built to 12 feet, and the floodgate is 18 feet above sea level, so he’s confident the levees won’t be breached.

The Jimmy Dagate Floodgate is also expected to close during low tide.

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