Flooded businesses from Wednesday make preparations for TS Barry

Flooded businesses from Wednesday make preparations for Barry

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -Stores and restaurants are making preparations for this weekend's weather threat.

It comes just a day after heavy downpours flooded businesses across the city.

Gabrielle resturant is open for dinner service Thursday after workers spent hours cleaning and disenfecting the place.

The restaurant took on more than a foot of water Wednesday and now they’re bracing for even more come the weekend.

"We have a Hydro barrier we're going to test out so, you fill it with water and you put it in front of the door and it's supposed to keep wakes from coming into the restaurant," said restaurant General Manager Gabrielle Sonnier.

She says Wednesday's morning rain caught them completely off guard.

“The water definitely touched the bottoms of the table cloths,” said Sonnier. "We checked the security cameras and sure enough there was water rising. It came up pretty fast. I would say in about 30 minutes there was water in the restaurant.'

Sonnier and her husband rushed to the restaurant to turn off the refrigeration unit. That’s when she came across rubber ducks she’s using for a summer promotion.

“I was kind of surveying the damage and wading through the water and I went into the office and I saw the box of rubber ducks and I guess, just to keep from crying, I was going to laugh.” she said.

At Avenue Pub on St. Charles, the owner says water rose during Wednesday morning’s showers. She said, for the first time in 30 years, they saw water in the bar. But she says sandbags are little use due to these french doors on both sides of the building.

Pub Bartender Gary Stergiades says bar workers cleaned out storm drains along the whole block in anticipation of weekend rain. As a place that historically stays open during storms for first responders, the owner has already told her employees work is voluntary. And for those who do show up...

“I think we’ll have some wet feet, maybe some wet ankles,” said Stergiades.

Gabrielle has had its share of weather-related hardships.

It was closed for 12 years after Katrina.

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