'Thank god’: Son rescues dad in Myrtle Grove

Son rescues dad in Myrtle Grove

MYRTLE GROVE, La. (WVUE) - Raymond Jeanfreau Sr. tried to stay and shelter inside his Myrtle Grove home despite an evacuation order from Plaquemines Parish during Tropical Storm Barry.

“I was afraid I would lose my lights. Thank God my good son came and got me," Jeanfreau Sr. said.

Once water started overtopping the back levee, Jeanfreau Sr. called his son - Ray Jeanfreau IV -- who then told him he was on his way with a boat to help.

“I knew I had to come get him. There wasn’t no one else to come get him, so I just figured I come get him,” Ray Jeanfreau IV said.

In his boat, he said it was a lot harder to row than he expected.

“It’s way windier and the water, with it rushing over the levee, it made it hard, real hard,” Jeanfreau IV.

As for his dad, he said he did not think the flooded would be as bad as it was, which is why he tried to stay.

“It was crazy and I never expected it to come up like it did,” Jeanfreau Sr. said.

And, he said this will be the last time he ignores an evacuation warning.

“Never in a million years did I think it would get like this," Jeanfreau Sr. said.

He said he hasn’t seen a flood this bad since Hurricane Isaac in 2012.

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