Northshore residents clean up lakefront after Barry

Northshore residents clean up the lake front after Barry washes debris ashore

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Some residents on the northshore residents who live by the lakefront spent the day cleaning up Monday (July 15), after Tropical Storm Barry washed debris ashore and left parts of the area flooded.

The Paulin family said they saw unusually high waters at their home during the storm.

“It was a good amount of water, the most I’ve ever seen," Jason Paulin said. “I moved here last year and I’ve never experienced anything like this, and so it’s pretty wild.”

Paulin said about 18 inches of water inundated their pool, gym downstairs and motorcycle.

“The water came all the way up to the top of the hot tub right here, so all of this was under water, the whole thing. my shed, it was all the way up to the spigot,” Paulin said

St. Tammany Parish President Pat Brister said the areas that tend to flood were the ones affected by Barry, but said she’s been pushing for a levee system for years -- and hopes one will be put in place before a bigger storm hits.

“Everybody knows it’s important," Brister said. “It’s just finding the funding, getting the engineering right, because you don’t want to do more damage than you do good, so we have to make sure that it will work for the entire area or region.”

Brister said one of the roadblocks is concern from those in Mississippi.

“They think it might put more water over there, but studies have been shown that it’s minimal water that would be pushed over that way, as compared to how many structures and lives it might save over here,” Brister said.

Brister said she’s been working for years to push for funding, but can’t seem to get the Army Corps of Engineers to start moving on the levee project.

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