Parish officials: Morganza levee system saved hundreds of homes from flooding

Parish officials: Morganza levee system saved hundreds of homes from flooding

POINTE-AUX-CHENES, La. (WVUE) - Terrebonne Parish officials said Barry’s storm surge was one of the area’s worst in recent memory, but thanks to the Morganza to the Gulf levee project, it could have been a lot worse. Now, many say they just want to see it’s gaps completed.

While Terrebonne missed the brunt of Barry’s wrath, some areas like Point-Aux-Chenes are still trying to dry out. Residents like Jeremy Brunet were still getting around by boat Monday (July 15), and Brunet said they are feeling someone neglected.

“The water came all the way up to the driveway,” Brunet said. “If it was up to par with Terrebonne, we wouldn’t be messing with this.”

And though a levee did overtop in Dularge, it was part of a 70-mile levee system, which parish officials like State Rep. Jerome Zeringue said saved hundreds of homes from being flooded by Barry.

Zeringue, R-Houma, said Barry brought a much higher storm surge than Hurricane Rita did in 2005, but caused much less flooding, thanks to the Morganza flood protection system.

“Because of this investment, 1,100 homes flooded during Rita compared to 11 this time,” Zeringue said. “This investment paid off.”

However, the levee system remains incomplete, according to State Rep. Beryl Amedee, R-Houma.

Governor John Bel Edwards toured Terrebonne Parish by air Monday and Amedee said they now hope she will help finish the system, which she said is already making a difference.

“Funding has been local and state, I would like to see the feds help out,” Amedee said.

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