Colonels heavy favorites to win Southland Conference in 2019

Colonels heavy favorites to win Southland Conference in 2019
Colonels won their first playoff game in 32 years last season.

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - This fall, will begin year five for Tim Rebowe as head coach of the Colonels. In his tenure, Rebowe has brought a culture of winning to the bayou. Last year, Nicholls notched their first playoff victories in 32 years. Kicking off this season, Rebowe’s squad is the favorite to win the Southland Conference with Chase Fourcade under center.

Nicholls is ranked first in Southland Conference preseason poll

“Me and him were having this conversation the other day. He said, 'hey coach did it go according to plan?” You would be lying if you said exactly. You come in, you go through the process. You’re trying to change the culture. You have a plan in your mind what you want to do, but it always doesn’t go according right. Yeah we had a little success, and started building. Then you’re thinking we might have a setback. We didn’t yet. We know it’s coming, it happens all the time,” said Nicholls State Head Coach Tim Rebowe.

“I’m trying to just really enjoy these moments with my teammates and coaches as well and just trying to focus on each week and not really worry about upcoming weeks. Just focus on right now. That’s been our whole slogan and just staying consistent in our practice and work ethic and us as a team,” said senior QB Chase Fourcade.

Fourcade was a legend at Rummel, and now he’s on the path to gain the same status at Nicholls.

“When you bring in a quarterback, sometimes they’ll redshirt, and get a year where they do have to develop. His development was on the job training, from the first game starting at Georgia. But his development has been consistent. I use this word a bunch with him, maturity level. Me and him talk about that too, is how far he has taken. He’s always been competitive, he’s always been a winner, we all know that. I look back three years ago, to how I handle now. He sees it himself,” said Rebowe.

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