Nicondra: More storms to come for Sunday

Heavy rains cause flooding in some areas

July 20 New Orleans Downpour

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - A good down pour dropped about two inches of rain in about an hour over much of the CBD, French Quarter and other parts of the New Orleans proper leading to a good bit of street flooding. While the rain caused flooding issues it also helped cool temperatures significantly. Areas without rain saw low 90s while temperatures dropped as low as the mid-70s with rain cooled conditions.

Today’s rain was amplified by a wave of energy set right at the coast. We will continue to see spokes of energy circulate around it giving the potential for more storminess through the weekend. Everywhere won’t get in on the rain all at once, but any storms have the potential to be heavy leading to similar conditions. The high rain chances continue into the middle of the week as a cold front approaches. It won’t likely push all the way through, but it should provide enough forcing to spark numerous showers and thunderstorms ahead of it.

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