With optimism high going into 2019 season, LSU players plan to ‘block out the noise’

With optimism high going into 2019 season, LSU players plan to ‘block out the noise’
LSU was picked to finish second in the SEC West. (Source: Josh Auzenne/Gray Media)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The Tigers have a very clear-cup theme when it comes to handling the hype.

“We try to block out the noise,” said offensive lineman Lloyd Cushenberry.

“Block out the noise,” said Ed Orgeron.

“We’re just trying to work and block out the noise,” said Cushenberry.

We get it. LSU isn’t going to start reading their own headlines anytime soon. But don’t mistake that for not being confident. They’re well-aware of their big potential.

“We’ve got a great shot. We’re going to be as good as we want to be. We’re just trying to use this off-season to eliminate as many mistakes as possible. That’s what it’s all about,” said safety Grant Delpit.

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“You don’t want to go into the season with too much confidence or too little confidence. You want to just, another cliche saying, focus on getting better everyday,” said quarterback Joe Burrow.

This year, getting better also comes in the form of a better offensive scheme to fit their personnel. Orgeron admits that after another one-sided loss to Alabama where the game was decided on the line of scrimmage, it was time to choose a different plan of attack.

“That had something to do with it. But that decision had been weighing on my mind. I wanted to go to it. I wanted to get to it. My roster wouldn’t let me do it. My staff wouldn’t let me do it. I didn’t have the staff equipped well-enough to get to the spread,” said Orgeron.

Then came Joe Brady from the Saints. And before LSU’s even played a single down of meaningful football, the passing game coordinator’s been highly praised as the true game change for the Tigers’ offense.

“Pete Carmichael, Sean Payton, those guys raved about Joe Brady. That’s when I knew I wanted to hire him. But we wanted to go to the spread. I eventually wanted to get to it. But we’ve still got to run the football. We want to be 50-50. We’ve got to be strong. We’ve got to have a power game. But we will run the spread, and Joe Brady is a big reason why we’re running it,” said Orgeron.

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