Zack: Storms Today, Cool Front This Week

Zack: Sunday morning weather forecast

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Lots of moisture in the atmosphere today will lead to numerous showers and storms throughout the day.

A healthy 80% coverage of rain is expected with some of those storms producing heavy rainfall, dangerous lightning and gusty winds. If there is some good news with the higher rain chance, afternoon highs should be held to the upper 80s .

Even as we head back to work on Monday, rain chances remain up as we start tracking a cold front moving down from the north. This front will pay us a visit on Tuesday so our daily storm activity will remain elevated through then. Some of the latest data suggest this frontal boundary may make it all the way to the Gulf by Wednesday morning which would give most of us a taste of lower humidity. Now highs will return to the 90s behind the front but a dry heat is much better than a humid heat.

The National Hurricane Center is tracking a disturbance off the East Coast. Due to the incoming cold front if anything was to develop it would get steered away from the Gulf.

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