More coyotes sighting reported in the Irish Channel

More Irish Channel coyote sightings reported

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - With more sightings reported of a pack of coyotes roaming the Irish Channel, some neighbords are becoming increasingly concerned.

Holly Kymes caught them on surveillance video and said they’re not afraid of humans or her dog. Now, she said she feel like a hostage in her own home.

“My dog won’t go outside. The kids can’t play in the yard,” Kymes said.

She said it’s not just one, but a pack of coyotes that have taken a liking to Kymes’ yard.

“They don’t seem to be afraid of us at all,” she said. “We’ve seen 5ive inside the perimeter of the fence all at the same time.”

Last month, FOX 8 captured video of one of the coyotes in broad daylight, hanging out in a lot on Washington Avenue. Neighbors said they believe there are two adult coyotes and six babies are in the pack. Just days before that video was shot, another neighbor captured an attack on her surveillance camera, where less than a block away, a similar looking coyote attacked a 14-year-old rescue Yorkie named Pump.

The coyote thrashed the small dog around in its mouth and tried to take off with him. But, Pump managed to get away without a scratch on him.

Weeks later, Kymes said she is still struggling to find answers to a solution.

“I’ve called the SPCA, I’ve called the Wildlife and Fisheries Department, I even called the police department and asked what I should be doing, and basically was told I have to hire someone out of pocket to pay for it," Kymes said. “When I talked to the neighbors, they say they had tried to call around to find out about that and got a quote of a thousand dollars a coyote. But, at eight coyotes, the price is a little steep.”

The Irish Channel is in Councilman Jay Banks’ district, who said he’s aware of the problem.

“I don’t know if there is anything we’re able to do as of yet, but we’re working on it. We’re aware of it, and we’re trying to come up with a solution to address it," Banks said.

Kymes said she has even tried hazing the coyotes -- the method recommended by both the Humane Society of Louisiana and The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. This involves making noise, stomping your feet and making yourself look big by waiving your arms at the wild animals.

“A lot of the neighbors have been trying to haze them, but they just keep coming back day after day. I’m not sure that’s working all that well,” Kymes said.

Banks said the City’s Quality of Life Committee will take up the coyote problem in the Irish Channel next Thursday (Aug. 1).

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