Brees continues fight against Father Time

Brees continues fight against father time

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Drew Brees is entering year 19 in the NFL, and it appears he's yet to slow down. No. 9 admitted in past training camps he feels ten years younger, and at 40 years old now, who could disagree.

Drew Brees doing everything to stop Father Time

“That’s really what it is. It’s just finding ways to stay young, feel young, recover, be as efficient as possible. Having the body operate as efficient as possible. Doing all the little things that can help me be as accurate as possible. Be as quick as possible. Just all those little things,” said Drew Brees.

Father Time will sooner or later get to Brees, but the QB isn’t going down without a monumental fight.

“I study all that stuff. I feel like I’m pretty aware of what you lose with the aging process. And so, everything I do from a training perspective, recovery perspective is to combat that. You just try to stay ahead of that curve and so far it feels like I’m beating it,” said Brees.

Brees is a sure-fire Hall of Famer, and a football savant. But he continues to stay humble as the accolades pile up.

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By no means have I arrived. I had a coach tell me, ‘as long as you’re green, you will continue to grow, but as soon as you’re ripe, you’ll soon be rotten.’ So, as soon as you think you know it all, you are done. I am still green. I still got things to learn," said Brees.

Brees is the second oldest starting quarterback in the league. Six-time Super Bowl champ Tom Brady is 41. From Saints camp,

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