Zion Williamson tells magazine he intends to stay with Pelicans for ‘whole career’

Updated: Jul. 30, 2019 at 11:24 AM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Zion Williamson’s insertion as the future of New Orleans sports continues on the heels of Drew Brees symbolically passing the torch with the NBA’s top draft pick telling Complex Magazine that “My Intentions Are to Stay With the Pelicans My Whole Career.”

Williamson has most recently been spotted soaking up the limelight at Saints training camp and participating in Brees’ Quarterback Challenge. He is capitalizing on his star power with the announcement of a signature shoe deal with Michael Jordan’s brand.

The Pelicans welcome Zion Williamson to New Orleans.
The Pelicans welcome Zion Williamson to New Orleans.

The 19-year-old also points out in the magazine feature that he is excited about the players the Pelicans have put around him “I’m expecting Lonzo [Ball] to come into his own. I’m not saying he wasn’t himself in L.A., but now he’s in a scenario where he can truly be himself."

Williamson is signed to a four-year deal in New Orleans and the current CBA encourages young stars to sign a second deal with their original team by allowing that franchise to offer much more money than other suitors. Williamson explains his outlook on free agency in lieu of the NBA’s frantic summer.

“Personally, I’ve always told myself I want to stay with one team. Growing up, I loved what Kobe did and Dirk did, and I think if anybody’s a Michael Jordan fan, they kinda erase the Wizards thing. He still did very well there, but at the end of the day, I don’t think people look at it from the business point of view. Some people want to stay with one team but they get traded. My intentions are to stay with the Pelicans my whole career, but if something happens, I wouldn’t leave because I hate the place. It’s just the business.”

When asked by the interviewer if the Pelicans can be a surprise team like the eventual 2019 champion Toronto Raptors “Yeah, we can win it," Williamson says.

“I think everybody has that on their minds. View it as just one ball—whoever can put the ball through the hoop more times will get the most points, and that’s who wins. Get the most stops—just gotta see who wins. I try to look at it from that point of view and not from who’s on which team. Any given night, I learned it in college, you can lose a game.”

The Pelicans’ 2019-20 season will tip off in October.

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