More problems found at new billion-dollar airport in New Orleans

More problems found at new billion-dollar airport in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - After multiple delayed openings, more problems arose for New Orleans’ new billion-dollar airport after a contractor recently discovered multiple breaks in the sanitary drain line that runs underneath the terminal.

An airport representative said the new terminal is still on track to open its doors in the fall. But, repairs are now underway to fix those breaks in the drainage system that runs underneath and crews had to open up the first floor in order to fix the lines.

To put that in perspective, the representative said there are 15,000 linear feet of drain line under the terminal, and as a result of the recent breaks, the contractor will have to replace about 300 of those feet.

Before the most recent delay in May, the airport’s opening date was also postponed in September, due to a sinking sewerage pipe. The airport representative said the most recent issue is not related to that issue.

As of Tuesday (July 30), representative said repairs are almost finished and right now the contractor is covering the cost. But, crews are still trying to figure out what caused the recent drain line breaks.

The airport representative said once the problem was discovered, a full investigation was done to find the locations of the breaks. And as far as they know, all of the breaks have been found, the representative said.

The airport budget was initially $800 million, but due to adding a concourse and enhancements to the project it is now at $1 billion.

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