Saints QB Teddy Bridgewater searching for a new dance for 2019

Saints QB Teddy Bridgewater searching for a new dance for 2019
Teddy Bridgewater warms up on the sideline with the Saints during a 2018 home game. (Source: Mark LaGrange)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Last season, Teddy Bridgewater made more noise off the field, then on it. Bridgewater's "bike life" dance galvanized the Saints locker room. Even the Brees boys were "all-in." But that was last year, now it's what's next?

“I was actually talking to the kid, R.J., who created the dance last year. I told him, 'hey I need a new dance for this year, I can’t be doing the same dance. He’s like, ‘don’t worry I got something coming for you.’I’m like I need it right now. We’re about to start real soon,” said Teddy Bridgewater.

Teddy Bridgewater working on "Bike life" 2.0 for 2019

While R.J. Delancy is in the lab working on a new dance, Teddy and the Saints will continue fine tuning their craft for a Super Bowl run. With possible victories in the Saints future, comes more time for a new dance craze.

“The way I see it, the more we win, the more we dance. I don’t know what dance is going to take place. The more we win, the more we dance,” said Bridgewater.

Delancy will be a senior this fall at Northwestern High. He’s verbally committed to Louisville, the same school Bridgewater attended. In Metairie, Garland Gillen, back to you.

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