Cam Jordan lightens the mood during a grueling Saints training camp

Cam Jordan lightens the mood during a grueling Saints training camp
Cam Jordan signed a new 3-year deal this offseason.

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - There's no doubt Cam Jordan moves to his own beat. And he's got his own sense of style when it comes to socks.

“These are fresh pairs every day. These are one and done’s. I got a little corner full of, I’m running low though. I got two pairs left. I just found the company who sent them. I’m not sure how to say it out loud, so I’m not going to say it out loud. But just know more pairs are on the way,” said Cam Jordan.

Jordan is also always there to lighten the mood at a press conference.

Cam Jordan is serious on the field, but keeps the laughs going off of it

“I was really just trying to swipe his credit card. Just for a lunch or something. I didn’t want a lot. I feel like he’s going to get a lifetime deal for Chipotle, Nacho Mama’s, I don’t know what,” said Jordan.

Jordan signed a new contract this offseason also. His was three years, for $52M. So between Thomas and Jordan, that’s $150 million plus in new deals. Not bad if you can get it.

“No doubt, you felt it. I thought it was going to tilt a little in my favor, but it’s cool. We talk about the kind of guy Mike is, the way he comes to work. You see the pressure when “Mike T” wasn’t at camp. He comes in, and you kjnow he’s been working out. He looks leaner than he did last year. Stronger than he did last year. Actually, whatver he’s doing, he looks faster. I’m not saying he’s the best, but he’s aiming for No. 1,” said Jordan.

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