Medical Marijuana ready for pharmacies next week

Medical Marijuana ready for release next week

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -Patients can start seeing medical marijuana in pharmacies as early as Tuesday. After months of delays, the state approved the final formula for patients.

Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain says medical marijuana produced by LSU’s contractor, GB Sciences, passed all their tests.

GB Sciences President John Davis says he felt confident going into the final phase.

“We have our own outside laboratory that does all the same tests and gives us the results as well,” Davis said. “So, we have more or less a belt and suspenders. We test through our own independent lab."

Some patients with chronic pain say they’re thankful this new option of treatment is now available.

“I didn’t start thinking seriously about it until about two months ago when all of my other medications started to really fail and I started to feel like there were no other options,” said Claire, who’s last name we aren’t identifying.

Claire says she suffers from a rare disease called Stiff Person Syndrome, an autoimmune neurological disorder.

“It causes very painful. I have muscle contractions and spasms, limited mobility. It also causes deformities of your joints and muscles and bones, and a lot of pain,” said Claire.

That’s why physicians licensed to recommend medical marijuana like Dr. Chad Domangu are glad the product is finally ready.

“This is a big day for my patients,” said Domangue. “That’s the most important thing as we go through this exercise. There are patients with multiple devastating diseases including seizures, muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis, anxiety.”

He says this could be a way to combat the opioid and benzodiazepine crisis.

“This is a very important day for us. We’re not dead last,” said Domangue. "We’re ahead of the curve. To me, this is a sign of our state becoming progressive. This is a sign of us listening to our patients, listening to our people, understanding there’s a problem out there.”

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