Zack: A Typical August Weekend of Weather

No tropical worries for us.

Zack: Saturday morning weather forecast

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Our summer pattern is in full control of the weather this weekend as any day to day forecast changes remain minimal.

Sun and clouds have started your Saturday as we are heating temperatures into the low 90s. The feels like readings will get close to the triple digits at times this afternoon but overall the heat levels are certainly bearable for this time of year. Expect those spotty storms to interfere with some of your afternoon plans and any storm is capable of producing a heavy downpour with dangerous lightning.

Even as we move into next week, daily heat and storms remain possible. Rain coverage could slowly decrease through the week as a ridge of high pressure starts to move in from Texas. This may cap our daily storms and increase our afternoon highs.

In the tropics we are monitoring a disturbance well east of the Lesser Antilles. Although this area has had a high chance of development the past few days, the National Hurricane Center has decreased those odds as models really don’t show this doing much now. Elsewhere, all is quiet.

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