5-year-old boy using own signs and thumbs up to stop speeders in his neighborhood

5-year-old boy using own signs and thumbs up to stop speeders in his neighborhood
Seth Neal wants driver to SLOW DOWN! (Source: WAFB)

DENHAM SPRINGS, La. (WAFB) - One 5-year-old boy has a request for drivers: slow down!

Young boy using kindness to encourage drivers to slow down

If you ask Seth Neal what his job is, he’ll reply “slowing down the traffic.”

Seth Neal doesn’t like when people speed past his house in the South Point subdivision in Denham Springs. He stands outside with his “slow down” sign and when people see his sign and slow down, he gives them a smile and a thumbs up.

“This started because he has seen several animals almost get hit in this subdivision,” his mother, Christie Neal, said.

People in the area know Seth stands outside every night now and no drivers are getting away with speeding under his watch.

“He has an eye for that,” said Christie.

Seth has been doing his patrolling for about a week. Now, people drive by his house intentionally and go slow and honk their horns for him.

“That gets the biggest smile on his face because he sees what he was out here wanting to do is working,” Christie said. “As soon as he sees one flying around the curb, the sign’s already up.”

When Seth first started, there was just the “slow down” sign, but drivers couldn’t figure out why this child was standing outside and giving them a thumbs up. His mom had to start holding up a sign behind him that reads, “Thanks for not speeding.”

Seth wants a radar gun for Christmas and if the Denham Springs Police Department wants to bring him aboard, he knows how he wants to be compensated: “With jellybeans!”

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