Another alleged victim accuses Jesuit High School janitor of rape

Another alleged victim accuses Jesuit High School janitor of rape

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Another victim has come forward to accuse a former Jesuit High School janitor of raping him decades ago.

The 49-year-old alleged victim says FOX 8′s story last September brought it all back.

“I felt I was 11-years-old again. Seeing Pete Modica’s face on the TV, on the broadcast y’all did,” the alleged victim said. “He’s scum, he’s less than human. I froze in my seat.”

Last fall, FOX 8 interviewed Richard Windmann at his home near Fort Worth, Texas. Windmann said decades ago, Peter Modica would bring him onto Jesuit’s campus often, even though Windmann did not attend the school.

There, Windmann said Modica raped him.

Then, one day priest and theology teacher Cornelius Carr walked in on the sexual abuse, but instead of helping the child, Windmann said he participated. Jesuit High School eventually paid Windmann $450,000 in a confidential settlement.

Now, the alleged 49-year-old victim, who FOX 8 will not identify, says Peter Modica also raped him at the school in the early 1080s. The abuse started when the alleged victim was 11 and ended when he was 13.

“He was always kind of known, like a professional baseball player to us. And, so like, awestruck,” the alleged victim said.

Modica was once a relief pitcher for New Orleans old baseball team, the Pelicans. The alleged victim said the sexual abuse started one day when Modica offered to show him some memorabilia.

“And, as soon as we walked in his office, he pulled down my pants and started giving me oral sex,” the alleged victim said.

Eventually, the abuse escalated to rape, he said.

“A couple of days later, my mom, she saw I was having trouble walking, and asked me what happened. I lied to her and told her I fell down the stairs, because he kept always threatening," the victim said.

He said Modica told him if he ever told anyone what was happening, they would both get in trouble. But, those were the tamest of his threats, the alleged victim said.

“[He said] that he would go after my younger brother if I stopped coming. So, I didn’t know what to do. I was scared to death,” he said.

Just like Windmann, the alleged victim did not attend Jesuit, but lived nearby. He said the abuse only stopped when he moved out of the neighborhood.

After he saw Windmann’s story, the alleged victim said he contacted attorney Roger Stetter, who has represented a number of child sex abuse victims.

“It’s very, very sad that this has happened at our most prestigious Catholic high school in New Orleans, but it’s not unique,” Stetter said.

Now, Modica’s alleged victim said he wants closure from Jesuit High School, so he and Stetter plan to file a lawsuit against the school.

“For them to admit how horrible he was and condemn what he did,” the alleged victim said.

FOX 8 reached out to Jesuit High School about this story and a spokesperson from Jesuit released a statement:

“We are saddened by any stories of abuse. We are unable to comment on prospective litigation. We have a process in place for people to come forward to tell their story, and we are committed to that process.”

Modica died in 1993 at the age of 69.

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