New Orleans city council approves stricter regulations for short term rentals

New Orleans city council approves stricter regulations for short term rentals

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The New Orleans City Council approves stricter regulations for short term rentals.

Before that vote however, those for and against short term rentals voiced their concerns for hours.

Some of the new changes include requiring a homestead exemption for all residential rentals, all renters will have to have a permit, whole home rentals will not be allowed in residential areas.

There will also be a 25 percent cap on commercial rentals and short term rentals will be banned in the French Quarter and the Garden District.

Also all platforms have to remove any unlicensed short term rentals from their websites. Those against short term rentals argued that they’re creating an affordable housing crisis and that generations of New Orleanians are being displaced from their homes in favor of tourists.

Those that are in favor of short term rentals say the new regulations infringe on property owners rights and their ability to make extra income.

City Council Member Kristen Gisleson Palmer has led the charge and says the council is largely on the same page.

Airbnb Senior Policy Director Laura Spanjian released a statement saying, “While this vote provides much needed regulatory certainty for home sharing in New Orleans, the rules unfairly punish responsible short-term rental hosts who are contributing to the local economy. We are committed to working closely with the City of New Orleans and the Airbnb community as these new rules are implemented."

The new short term rental regulations will go into effect on December 1.

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