Property tax assessment deadline approaches for those who qualify

Tax Assessments Breaks

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - New Orleans homeowners who are looking to catch a break on their new property tax assessment will need to act quick. Next week is the deadline for elderly homeowners, veterans, or those with a disability to apply for a freeze.

For some of these homeowners, their total home value increased by more than 100 percent.

Those who wish to apply for an age, disability, or veteran freeze on property taxes can do so. The Orleans Parish Assessor said for those who already have freezes, they can appeal the 2020 evaluation, but they may also have to reapply for another freeze at the 2020 rates.

"We are longtime working neighborhood, longtime residents, working people and many people have been in their houses 20 to 30 years,” Morgan Clevenger, with the Fairgrounds-Triangle Neighborhood Association, said. “We came back after Katrina we did the hard work made our neighborhood better and like wow are we being penalized now.”

Assessor Erroll Williams his office cannot change the number unless qualified homeowners relinquish their freeze and reapply for the next tax year.

The deadline for homeowners who are 65 and older to apply for a freeze is Aug. 22.

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