Aviation board members don’t think construction problems will delay Fall opening

Aviation board updates new airport terminal

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -Aviation board members don’t think construction problems at the new airport will get in the way of a Fall opening of Armstrong International’s new terminal.

The board met Thursday afternoon at Louis Armstrong International Airport to get an update on the new billion dollar terminal.

The opening of the terminal has been delayed four times already, but the aviation board says the new terminal is still on track to open its doors later this year. Repairs are underway to fix multiple breaks in the drainage system that runs underneath the terminals first floor.

Construction crews had to open up that first floor to fix the drain lines underneath. The project manager Thursday told the board that there are 15,000 feet of drain lines under the terminal, and as a result of the brakes, the contractor will have to replace about 300 feet of that.

The project manager says the repairs will be complete in about 2 to 3 weeks, and he said right now there’s nothing that he knows of that will prevent the new terminal from opening in the fall.

“That particular sewer line is 88 percent inspected and 76 percent poured back. I know there were a number of locations around the building where the sewer line had been compromised, but they were fairly small in terms of square footage.”

The aviation board also received a report on finances for the project. They learned today that as of right now, the billion dollar project is over budget $10.8 million. Another talking point was the access road to the new terminal. That is currently under construction, but the project manager says the roadway should be ready by the end of September.

Training sessions for about 1,500 employees will begin very soon.

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