Miss. man files lawsuit against Roundup, claims it gave him lymphatic cancer

Miss. man files lawsuit against Roundup, claims it gave him lymphatic cancer
Thousands of others warning people of the Dangers.. causing cancers like non-hodgkins lymphoma.

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A local man and his legal team are stepping forward warning people about a product that could affect you.

The popular weed-killer Roundup is the number one selling herbicide in the world. Thousands of others warning people of the dangers of the product, claiming it could cause cancers like non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

“I ended up with lymphatic cancer," says Michael Hatcher. "I had cancer on 29 lymph glands, I had cancer on my thyroid gland. I lost it. It really has been life changing.”

Hatcher is one of the thousands of consumers filing lawsuits against the manufacturer of Roundup, Monsanto’s parent company Bayer.

They claim the popular product contains dangerous cancer causing chemicals.

“I mixed chemicals for an agricultural spraying service. Shortly after that I developed a tumor in my neck,” said Hatcher.

Hatcher used Roundup on a regular basis for 5 years and was told the chemicals used were low-risk. Once doctors took a look at Hatcher’s health they knew that wasn’t the case.

"My doctor said ‘What have you been around?’ And I told him I mixed chemicals and he said 'That is very likely what has caused your cancer.”

That’s when Hatcher knew he needed to take legal action. “Right now there are I think almost 20,000 lawsuits filed.”

Attorney Richard Schwartz says Hatcher and hundreds of other clients have reached out for help.

“The problem is... it isn’t the fact that you only breathe it in," explains Schwartz. "It absorbs through your skin. Unless you have a space suit you can still be exposed to the chemical and have a chance of developing the cancer.”

Schwartz says the company has been aware of the damaging effects for a long time and says something needs to be done.

After reaching out to the makers of Roundup about the concerns, a Bayer spokesperson replied with the following statement:

“We have great sympathy for any individual with cancer, but the extensive body of science on glyphosate-based herbicides over four decades supports the conclusion that Roundup does not cause cancer.”

But Attorney Patrick Wooten says that’s not the case.

“In 2015, the World Health Organization determined it was cancerous to humans,” Wooten says.

Wooten also says the company failed to put warning labels on the product and now the goal is to get the product off the shelves.

“California requires a warning label. Many states and countries have now banned it. Costco no longer sells it. The fact is it’s not profits over people. You should be concerned about your people!”

Hatcher says he shares his story in hopes that people will think twice before picking up your next bottle of Roundup.

“If you have used these chemicals and you have this type of cancer please please do something about it.”

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