Riverdale’s Andrew Sandifer is using speed to scare opponents

Riverdale’s Andrew Sandifer is using speed to scare opponents
Sandifer will be a senior for Riverdale this fall.

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Riverdale possesses one of the fastest players in the state, Andrew Sandifer. If he’s got the ball, there’s a good chance something big is about to happen.

Riverdale's Andrew Sandifer using speed to terrorize defenders

“Oh Andrew, he’s sensational. His football IQ is tremendous. That’s the thing I noticed when I got here. His speed, his athleticism, his knowledge of the game. I watch him make guys miss. He’s excellent on special teams, punt return, he has some skills. We’re going to need him again this year. If we want to take another step,” said Riverdale Head Coach Willie Brooks.

“I don’t think anybody in the state can catch me. Once I hit the corner, it’s over with,” said Sandifer.

Sandifer stands 5′7″, weighing a 160 pounds. But if you judge a book by it’s cover, you’re going to get burned.

“They think they can just tackle me, throw me. They just don’t know. I’m as tough as they come,” said Sandifer.

Sandifer also has a great role model to lean on if he needs advice, his cousin, Riverdale legend Donte’ Jackson. The Carolina Panther keeps tabs on Sandifer by phone, and social media.

“He gives me a lot of advice. Keep working hard. Fix the little things. Going to every game, same mindset,” said Sandifer.

“Andrew and him, they’re relationship is very close. All he does is be positive. Role model for all of our kids,” said Brooks.

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