WR Koy Moore is a gamechanger for Rummel

WR Koy Moore is a gamechanger for Rummel
WR Koy Moore will be a senior for the Raiders.

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Head Coach Nick Monica is no doubt impressed with his senior wide receiver.

WR Koy Moore is a game-changer for the Rummel Raiders

“Koy has really strong hands. Anytime that ball is in the air, majority of the time he’s coming down with it,” said Monica.

So is Moore’s quarterback this fall.

“It’s a blessing throwing to him. Put it up there, he’ll go get it every time,” said Kyle Wickersham.

Koy Moore is loved by teammates, but feared by defensive backs. He’s the ultimate game changer for the Raiders.

“What athletes like Koy do, sometimes you can get those plays where you don’t have to out X-and-O sometimes. Koy is good enough where he can outjump, or go up and get a ball. There’s not much scheme involved. Let a playmaker go make a play, and Koy has the ability to do that,” said Monica.

Moore and his teammates are hungry for a state title. So that’s why he’s out here early in the summer heat, grinding for greatness.

“I mean it’s hard, but I know people look up to me. I can’t show them my bad ways. I got to be here and lead. Everybody got to be at practice to win a state championship,” said wide receiver Koy Moore.

Moore will decide where he’s going to school next year on August 17th. That’s the date of his 18th birthday.

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