Tommy Clapp checks out his son’s exploits in Saints-Chargers dual practice

Tommy Clapp checks out his son’s exploits in Saints-Chargers dual practice
Will Clapp played for the LSU Tigers.

COSTA MESA, CA. (WVUE) - Being a Saints fan can be nerve racking, multiply that by a 100 when your son plays on the team.

Will Clapp's dad makes the trip to California to check in on Saints-Chargers dual practice

“To make a roster with the New Orleans Saints is tough enough. But certainly being familiar with everything here and all the players what not, been a fan my whole life. It’s been an interesting test on my ability to keep things under control, yes,” said Tommy Clapp.

Tommy is the dad of Saints lineman, Will Clapp. He bleeds Black and Gold, and has played a key role in his development from Brother Martin, to LSU, to now the Saints. But his days of coaching his son are long gone.

“He is far beyond me now. Growing up I had a lot to say in terms of how he prepared, and how he looked at the game. Certainly he’s his own man now,” said Clapp.

Game days are interesting for the Clapp’s, both watching his son and favorite team. Thus Tommy has developed a routine that allows him to be both parent and a Who-Dat.

“I don’t even watch the ball, I watch one kid. So when he’s off the field, I just watch the game like any other fan. I follow the ball. But when he is on the field, I can hear the crowd roaring, because someone has broken a big play. I don’t pay attention to any of that. I’m still watching how he finishes the play. How he conducts himself so forth and so on. When he’s on the field, I’m a fan like anybody else,” said Clapp.

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