Zack: Daily Storms, Less Heat

It’s the typical summer pattern as daily storms can be expected which does help keep our heat levels down.

Zack: Sunday morning weather forecast

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The daily storm activity of summer has returned, and this pattern looks to lock in not only for the remainder of the weekend but really much of next week.

Expect some morning sun each day to give way to showers and storms along the coast before those coastal storms migrate inland by late morning into the afternoon. It’s called the sea breeze and it’s what drives our weather at this time of the year. Now you always need to watch for the heavy downpours and lightning that these storms can produce. Due to the extra clouds and cooling showers, highs will be held in the lower 90s.

The new work week looks to be no different as we remain stuck between two heat domes, one to our west and one to our east. Being that we are in the middle, that creates a weakness in the atmosphere and allows for storms to pop. It also keeps us “cooler” at this time of the year so enjoy the lower 90s for highs over the next several days.

Out in the tropics there is only one disturbance being monitored by the National Hurricane Center. It’s located along the coast of the Carolinas and is heading out to sea so no worries for us. There is that random chance it could spin up into a weak storm once it moves offshore but again, that is no concern for us.

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